1. Online audiovisual course survey, first and only page, three questions, about five minutes

The traditional way to focus your learning about a topic is to read a good book about it. But in this century, people are less likely to read at depth to learn, and books sell fewer copies per book even though the number of titles published each year increases. This is the era of the audiovisual way to learn.

I have created three online audiovisual game-related classes, and plan more, but I'm not sure which topics will be most interesting to people, hence this survey.

The first two questions list classes and ask you to rate your interest in them.

Unfortunately, Surveymonkey does not provide a way to show results to the surveytaker.

Before we start with the questions, here are my currently available classes (which are not listed in the questions, of course) so that you won't have to suggest them:

My book-length audio visual course "Learning Game Design". $10 off coupon ($39 instead of $49): https://www.udemy.com/learning-game-design/?couponCode=LGD%2410off
30 day money-back guarantee.

"Get a Job in the Video Game Industry," $15 (or use this coupon URL for 20% off): https://www.udemy.com/get-a-job-in-the-video-game-industry/?couponCode=VideoGameJobs20%25Off
30 day money-back guarantee.

"Brief audio-visual Introduction to Game Design" course: https://www.udemy.com/brief-free-introduction-to-game-design/?couponCode=BriefFreeIntro (I have had to change to an official charge of $9, but the link makes the course free again.)

My YouTube Game Design channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHWWViIuBsOrSm2HXeBj2kA includes the "what you'll discover" videos for each class, among other things.

Question Title

* 1. Rate your interest in the following possible specific game design classes (which will usually be $10-$20 unless otherwise specified):

  Very interested Somewhat interested Neutral/No opinion Not much interested Not at all interested
How to design levels/adventures for video and roleplay games
Getting your game published (license or self-publish)
Introduction to (strategic) war game design
Introductory game design for multi-sided games
Rules writing (for non-electronic games)
Protecting your intellectual property (game design)
Introduction to role-playing game/campaign design
Non-CCG style card game design

Question Title

* 2. Rate your interest in the following possible game-related classes (which will generally be $10-$20 unless otherwise specified):

  Very interested Somewhat interested Neutral/No opinion Not much interested Not at all interested
How to expertly play multi-sided conflict games
Example of developing a game from start to extensive playtesting (both tabletop and video versions)
The Nature of Game Design (theoretical)
World Building for games (and stories)
Dark Ages Britain: the variety of possible games
The process of game design (much more detail than in "Learning Game Design" class)
Prospering at Game Conventions (for both typical players and game designers) (likely to be a free class)
Design of maneuver and spatial relationship boardgames

Question Title

* 3. What classes about games and game design have you taken - select all that apply.

Question Title

* 4. About how many books specifically about game design or other game development have you read?