2013 Where were you? 2014 ?

So at the end of 2012 the Chamber ask our members what the Membership wanted to try for the Monthly Meetings. Survey's were sent out, filled out and returned, and data was compiled! A New Day -Tuesday and Time 5:30 pm was set for 2013 from the overall majority response! Now after a year and minimal to lower attendance than before the Chamber Board is interested in hearing from the membership again! Maybe a new Meeting Time? A New Day? New Venue? What do You Think?

* 1. Currently Orwell-GV Chamber Meetings are at 5:30 pm; if the meeting was at another time would you attend? (Please Rank in order from Most likely being 1 to Least Likely being 5)

* 2. Currently, meetings are held on Tuesday; is there a better day for you?
(Please Rank in order from Most likely being 1 to Least Likely being 8)

* 3. Currently, the Chamber meets at the Village Administration Building, if for some reason the Village Administration Building is unavailable during a suggestive new time, where do you envision the meetings being held?
(Please type your suggestion of locations below.)

* 4. If the monthly Orwell-GV Chamber Meeting changed time and possibly day, would you be more likely to attend the meeting?
(Please select one answer only)

* 5. This is where the Chamber wants to hear what you think?

* 6. So we can see which of the Members have taken the survey and who still needs to complete the survey. Please enter the company's name and the person's name of who is filling out the survey. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback, so we can continue to grow and improve and be there for our members.