1. Soccer Preparation, Performance, Health and Wellness Survey

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Please respond to the following questions to the best of your ability. I will send personal information in response to your survey results. Thank You, Randy Bauer

* 1. I have set goals for the upcoming competitive season...?

* 2. Have you performed a soccer-specific fitness test in the past year with your team?

* 3. I have had an injury that has prevented me from competing in one or more games...?

* 4. I have had a surgery from an injury sustained in soccer...?

* 5. I do exercises at home on a daily basis that help me prepare for my sport?

* 6. My level of focus during...?

  Low Medium - Low Medium Medium - High High
Hard to maintain focus

* 7. At what frequency do you see yourself achieve what you set out to do?

  Low (Rarely) Medium - Low Medium Medium - High High (Always)

* 8. I choose nutritious food to eat and drink that will help my performance on a regular basis...?

  Low (Rarely) Medium - Low Medium Medium - High High (Always)
Good Nutrition

* 9. The consistency I maintain my conditioning program that I practice throughout the year is...?

  Low Medium - Low Medium Medium - High High

* 10. I am interested learning more on how to improve by preparation, performance and overall health and wellness? Comment on what you are most interested in improving.
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