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* 1. On Saturday, June 16, twenty of us will be leaving from Willow to go into East Garfield Park Chicago to prepare and serve dinner, lead a devotional service, and dialog with guests at a homeless shelter. This is a great family serving opportunity for you and your kids aged 14 and up. Due to DadFest that night we'll meet at Willow over by the vans in the Fast Trak Parking (on the left just after you come if off of Barrington Road) at 4:30, be back by 10:00. Transport in Willow vans.

We are encouraging you to consider this serve because:
• It's a great chance to connect and go deeper with a number of your section mates
• Awesome chance to interact with and get to know some under resourced people in need
• Great chance to engage teenage kids in issues of compassion and justice (14 and up)
• Breakthrough needs volunteers to sponsor, prepare, and serve these meals
• It's easy -- show up at Willow at 4:30, be back here no later than 10:00 (we'll go in and back together in Willow vans)

If you'd like to check out the last one we did, click on the "Serving" page on our website and watch the 7 minute video.