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* 1. There were 10 competitions this past season. Are the number of print and digital competitions too many, too few or about right? Choose one answer.

* 2. This past season there was a summer print challenge (architecture), primary colored landscape (PI), long exposure (PI), low point of view (PI). There were no assigned print topics other than the summer challenge.
Is the number of assigned topics too many, about right or should there be more assigned topics? Check all that apply.

* 3. Competitions typically have about 45-60 prints and 60-70 projected images.
Would you prefer to reduce the number of images per photographer from 2 to 1 to gain more time for discussion. Choose an answer.

* 4. Did you think the critiques during the competitions improved this year? Choose an answer.

* 5. Did you like the challenge system adopted this season? Choose an answer. If "no," please comment.

* 6. Do want to give recognition to images that score above merit (exceptional, superior, excellent) at the individual competitions? The scoring rubric is: Exceptional 95-100, Superior 90-94, Excellent 85-89, Deserving of Merit 80-84. Choose an answer.

* 7. Do you want to drop the awarding of ribbons at every competition and instead award 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the club year at the end of the year? Choose an answer.

* 8. The club had 4 critique nights this season. Would you prefer scheduled discussions in which the maker of an image talks about what he or she was trying to do with the image and asks for reactions? Choose an answer. If "no," please comment.

* 9. Do you think the competitions have improved your photography? Choose an answer.

* 10. What other suggestions can you offer in regards to competitions, critiques, tech nights, other changes. Please comment.

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