Below are the list of costumes in this year's Atkinson Family Practice Halloween Costume Contest.  Please choose one winner for each category.  Visit FB, our offices and soon, the website to see the photos! Thank you for taking part in this year's contest!

--Miranda as Hot Mess mama
--Kim as Velma From Scoobie Doo

--Ashley C. as Pandemic Mom
--Linda, Cheri and Jess as Alvin and the Chipmunks
--Jess as Alvin
--Linda as Simon
--Cheri as Theodore
--Jordan as Russell from "Up!"
--Kate/Cammie/Loki as Cheshire Cat with Alice and White Rabbit
--Kate as Cheshire Cat
--Cammie/Loki as Alice and White Rabbit
--Melissa as Air Force Pilot
--Kaitlin as a Deer
--Jenna as a Farmer
--Jennifer and Kiana as Spider and the Web
--Kiana as the Web
--Zachary and Erik as Jurassic Park
--Zachary as Dr. Allan Grant from Jurassic Park

--Erik as TRex
--Amanda as Miss Frizzle
--Asher and Docky as A Fisherman with the Day's Catch
--Docky as the Lobster
--Nicole as Piggy

--Nora, Judy, Anne and Jennifer S. as the Brainiacs
--Nora as Brain Scan
--Judy as The Brain
--Jennifer S. as Working Out Your Brain
--Anne as Good Food, Good Mood!
--Tommy as Kenickie from Grease
--Liz as a Butterfly
--Kayla as a Social Butterfly
--Lindsey as a Roller Derby Jammer
--Mary as Halloween Fan

--Jenn W., Lisa, Nancy, Lily, & Ally as Carole Baskin and the Tiger King Rescue
--Jenn W. as Carole Baskin
--Megan as Skeleton of Carole Baskin's husband
--Lisa as Tiger 1
--Lily as Tiger 2
--Ally as Tiger 3
--Rhys as a Spirit
--Mark as the Game Operation
--Bri as a Softball Player
--Cathy as Fresh Water
--Caroline as Where's Waldo
--Charles as Zorro and his family 
--The Amherst Office with Halloween Spirit
--The Noho Office with Halloween Spirit

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* 1. Most Creative

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* 2. Funniest

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* 3. Best Group Costume

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* 4. Most Environmentally-Friendly

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* 5. Best Dog Costume

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* 6. Office with the Best Halloween Spirit

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