* 1. List all of the people whom you live with. If you live in more than one home, list each person in each home.

* 2. Write one thing that you liked and one thing that you didn't like about school last year.

* 3. What subject do you like learning about most?

* 4. What subject is easiest for you?

* 5. What subject is hardest for you?

* 6. Would you rather work...

* 7. Is is easier for you to learn something new by

* 8. What are your favorite topics (airplanes, Barbies, dinosaurs, fairies, inventions, crafts, Legos, etc). This could be anything that your interested in.

* 9. Please tell me anything that you think I should know about you. This could be what you like, don't like, how you learn, your favorite things, something that you worry about or anything else that will help me get to know you as a person or as a learner.

* 10. What are your goals for this year? What do you really want or need to learn?

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