Due to the need to convert our in-person conference to an online setting, NAASC, the organizing committee for ICAR 2021-Virtual, has capability to add 4 additional community-proposed mini-symposia to the program.
We seek 4 new proposals areas that are not already represented at ICAR 2021. We are especially seeking proposals from colleagues in Asia (e.g., China, Japan, South Korea, India, etc.)
1.     Please read the existing session topics to determine what themes and topics are present. Proposals with new topics not currently in the program will be ranked more highly. 
2.     Current mini-symposia descriptions can be viewed at: http://icar2020.arabidopsisresearch.org/session-descriptions.html and at http://arabidopsisresearch.org/index.php/en/naasc

We are intentionally working towards diversity and inclusion for ICAR 2021, and seek to ensure broad participation by all member of our community. 

(1) Selected proposers of a mini-symposium will receive free registration for 3 people in the session (may be given to the organizers or to speakers in the session. How to access free registration will be communicated to proposers selected by organizers.)
(2) The selection process will rank proposals submitted by 1 MARCH (EXTENDED) 22 February across several metrics including: complementary topic that adds new depth or breadth to the program; diversity in proposed speakers by gender, institution, and career stage, diversity in proposed sub-topics; and organizers will seek to balance proposal selection by these same metrics.

(3) Required Session Structure: Sessions are 75 minutes in length and include 20 minutes for live discussion/Q&A moderated by co-chairs (or someone they choose). All talks will be pre-recorded/self-recorded in advance (e.g., via Zoom), played during ICAR, followed by the live Q&A/discussion. Therefore, organizers have 55 minutes to allocate for talks; the typical format is 3-4 invited talks and 3 short talks (5 minutes each) selected from submitted abstracts. Please note that individual talks will not have their own Q &A; instead, all Q&A for all speakers will occur in the 20' discussion at the end of the session. Recorded talks will be posted online for access by registered attendees 1 week before the start of the meeting to allow advanced viewing, remain online during the ICAR, and for up to 6 weeks post-ICAR for registered attendees to access.

The SELECTION TIMELINE for community- submitted symposia:
  • 29 January: Request for proposals announced 
  • 1 MARCH 22 February: Proposal submission deadline 
    • proposals may be submitted via Survey Monkey web-based interface OR via email using provided template at the two URLs listed below 
  • by 5-8 March: Committee will confirm with selected proposers their desire to participate in ICAR 2021
  • by 5-8 March: public announcement of selected proposals
  • 15 March: deadline for all funding proposals and associated materials (e.g. CV, letter of support)

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* 1. In what region of the world do you live/work?

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* 3. What is your current career stage/title?

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