1. Introduction

The Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS) has a lot of information to offer all kinds of libraries. Our Web site is the main means of information delivery and we aim to make it as useful as possible. Your answers to these questions will help us serve you better.
There are 3 sections in the survey: design/navigation and accessibility, usefulness of resources, and when and how do you use the site. Each section contains about 10 questions.

* 1. Are you currently satisfied with the deisgn of the OLOS Web site?

* 2. Does the design load easily on your browser?

* 3. Is the homepage self-explanatory (well laid-out)?

* 4. Are you able to navigate easily through the site and get to what you are looking for, i.e., a few clicks and you are there?

* 5. Are you able to access the resources you intended to find in the first place?

* 6. Is consistent navigation important to you, i.e., is it important to have the same navigation links present on each page?

* 7. Would you like to be able to search only the OLOS pages/site?

* 8. What are your suggestions to improve the design of the current OLOS website?

* 9. Which browser(s) do you use to access the OLOS site?

* 10. Have you noticed problems that would impede site access for people with disabilities? If so, what are they? If not, what works well?