* 1. In the fall, JES PTO holds a Fall Fundraiser with three ways to raise funds. Each child is asked to either sell items from a catalog, sell items from the tree farm, and/or procure a cash donation.  

Do you like having three choices for fundraising all at once?

* 2. Some school districts have stopped catalog-based, door-to-door selling fundraisers and moved to “pledge-based” fundraisers. Pledging allows families to set a goal, assess their personal and professional network and then choose:

1. If they want to solicit pledges from family, friends, or co-workers.
2. Write a check to cover their fundraising goal.
3. A combination of the above.
Do you support Pledge-based fundraising at JES?

* 3. Would you support JES discontinuing future catalog sales fundraising?

* 4. In the spring, JES PTO holds the “JJ 5K Fun Run.”  A high percentage of funds raised go directly to JES.  Do you like this type of fundraising, and if so do you think that the 5K should have a flat entrance fee or be pledge based?

* 5. In a typical year the JES PTO spends approximately $35,000 on various teacher, student, and school needs and wants.  With 600 students, this figures out to $58 per student.  Would you be in favor of a flat rate donation to help cover these costs?

* 6. There are many different ways we can raise funds to enrich JES. Please rank the following (1 most likely to participate in – 3 least likely to personally participate in).

* 7. In a typical school year does this school do too much fundraising, too little fundraising, or about the right amount of fundraising?

* 8. How effectively does JES PTO spend money earned from fundraising activities?  Please refer to the second page of the attached letter for a list of ways we have used our money in the past.  Please explain your response.

* 9. Do you have any other ideas or comments regarding fundraising at JES?