The political action committee of the Georgia Hospital Association

Make Every Dollar Count
HosPAC is a statewide, non-profit organization formed to promote legislative and political action to preserve quality health care in Georgia. It is an independent organization not affiliated with any political party. The activities and funds of HosPAC are governed by the HosPAC Executive Committee, which is comprised of representatives from  hospitals and health systems from throughout the state. The Executive Committee is responsible for distribution of the HosPAC funds that support candidates on a non-partisan basis. Support is given after a careful evaluation of each candidate’s qualifications for office, electability, issue philosophy and voting record, as well as recommendations from the local hospital community.

HosPAC actively seeks the involvement of its members in carrying out its functions, including encouraging members’ recommendations of candidates to support. HosPAC shares funds received with the American Hospital Association PAC in support of candidates for federal offices.

Hospital leaders in Georgia have the responsibility to promote the health care issues that provide for the safety of our patients and the viability of our health care system.
  • HosPAC is an extremely important tool for these advocacy efforts: Individual donations help us support state and federal candidates who have displayed a willingness to work with Georgia hospitals and are willing to protect the services we provide.
  • These contributions help us educate elected officials and government staff regarding good health care policy and enact regulations that provide for the safety of our communities.
  • Through HosPAC, we are able to build and maintain crucial relationships at all levels of government. Our efforts are enhanced by an honest reputation of advocating for the safety of all Georgians.
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