* 1. Do you have a Certified Burn Manager number and if so, how long have you had it?

* 2. What is your primary interest in prescribed fire?

* 3. Approximately how many burns do you participate on per year?

* 4. Approximately how many acres do you burn each year?

* 5. Although CEU's are only needed once every 5 years, how often do you attend this program?

* 6. Why do you attend the Central Florida Prescribed Fire Council Annual Meetings?

* 7. If it is economically important to you, can you place a value on its worth?

* 8. What topics would you like to see on the agenda for the 2012 meeting?

* 9. What topics do you find the most useful at the annual meetings?

* 10. Do you use the Southern Forest Fire Exchange to get information to assist you with prescribed fire?

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