Thank you for your willingness to complete this survey regarding the development of an extension of PRISMA for systematic reviews with an equity focus.

The existing Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) Statement, developed in 2009, aims to improve reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses by promoting completeness and transparency of reporting of the methods used and subsequent results. Currently PRISMA does not include guidance focused on health inequities, where health inequities are differences in health outcomes that are avoidable and unnecessary, but also unfair and unjust.

In light of this, we have developed a new equity extension for PRISMA, called "PRISMA-E 2012", based on an extensive consultation process, which you may have already contributed to. These are reporting guidelines for systematic reviews with a major focus on health equity. Now that PRISMA-E 2012 has been developed, we are keen to understand the experience of review authors with the new checklist extension items, which is why we are seeking your input.

The survey takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete. Should you experience any difficulty interpreting a question or encounter a technical fault, please do not hesitate to contact Belinda Burford, Cochrane Public Health Group, on telephone (if based in Australia) on (03) 9667 1336 or via email

Thank you!
Belinda Burford (Cochrane Public Health Group)
on behalf of Elizabeth Waters, Mark Petticrew, Peter Tugwell, Vivian Welch, Jennifer O’Neill, Tracey Koehlmoos, and David Moher