Welcome to Quilting your Legacy Monthly Theme Challenge!

During the month of February the challenge is, UFO Projects - Finish them or Beam them Away?

U.F.O stands for Un-Finished Objects.

All stitched projects are up for questioning.

If you have a project that isn’t compete and you haven’t worked on it in months or dare I say a year or so then this survey is for you.

Do you have projects that you just haven’t gotten around to finishing?

Take this Yes or No survey with six questions to see if you should complete the project or blast it away.

The answer might surprise you.

** Before you start the quiz,

first, dig out at least one UFO project and look at it while you’re taking the survey.

The Yes or No questions will clarify what UFO projects you should let go of and what projects to finish up to move onto the next project.

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Happy Sewing!
-Emily & Beckie

Norton House Quilting
Wilmington, VT

Question Title

* 1. Who can we thank for taking this questionnaire?