Dear respondents:

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This questionnaire is prepared as part of my research project under Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) of Loughborough University, with an aim to understand current practice of Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector organization to support participation of disabled children in low-income countries to Water, sanitation, hygiene in school (WinS) programme at school level.

This questionnaire is developed primarily for the officers/practitioners of WASH sector organization (or WASH section within development organization) who is involved in school level WinS programme that consider improvement of accessibility of facility and activities for disabled children in their programming (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation) to certain extent.

Study background:

Literature indicates the challenges of WinS programme to deliver expected benefit to schoolchildren and to sustain the impact due to the complexity and multidimensional nature of programme. It is also understood that accessibility of WinS facility for vulnerable school children is often not a high priority where basic service provision is inadequate.

While accessibility of WinS seems to have an important role to play in successful participation of disabled children in inclusive education, evidence of practice and implementation of WinS that support inclusion of disabled children to WinS programme is very limited both among education and WASH sector.

Considering the complexity and challenges to implement both WinS and inclusive education that takes time and involved multiple issues, it is assumed that majority of initiatives that intend to improve the accessibility of WinS are at the stage of “on the way towards” inclusive programing at most.

With the status of inclusive WinS in mind, the focus of the questions presented in this survey are focused to understand:

(1)  current practice of WASH sector organization in supporting the improvement of accessibility of WinS facility and programme at school level,

(2)  progress and development made and challenges faced in any element of accessibility improvement and inclusive WinS programing,

(3)  approach to address challenges in the future development

Instruction to respondents:
There are 8 questions with multiple choices and open-ended comment box to provide your inputs.
Any comments or question to improve the clarity of survey etc would be highly appreciated.
If your project covers multiple number of schools, please provide information of a school that you consider most relevant for the question asked.

It would be great if you could provide your inputs by 9th November.

Your inputs will be analyzed and will be used as a source of discussion in my study and I may need to request you a clarifications on your response to reinforce the discussion.

I thank you in advance for your time and support.

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