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Welcome, would be pleased to promote you as a "Featured Guest Expert".

Our cost-effective service is a great way to showcase your expertise to our worldwide audience of radio, podcast, TV, and satellite radio bookers and producers.

A $199 Featured Guest Expert placement brings you:
- Posting as one of the highlighted Featured Experts on the Featured Guest Experts page on the web site for 30 days.
- A Featured Guest Expert page of your own with your full profile, expertise details, contact info, and photo(s), plus links back to your own web site.
- 2 email blasts of your customized "Featured Expert" profile listing to our subscribers over the first one month period to promote your expertise and/or product.

After your initial 30 day placement, your Featured Guest Expert placement will automatically be continued for just $29/month. Your dedicated Featured Guest Expert profile page will be maintained and on the Featured Guest Experts page your listing will move from the highlighted top Featured Guest Expert box to the alphabetical listing below. (You can cancel the recurring charge and have your listing removed anytime simply by emailing us but it is recommended that you keep your Featured Guest Expert page live as long as possible to help you attract more interview bookings and improve your own web site's SEO search engine optimization.)

- We will edit your submission for clarity, style and length.
- This is web site and email based service only - not a print publication or newsletter.
- Advertisements accepted at our sole discretion.
- Placements are posted and emailed on a first-come first serve basis.
- Payment due in advance via Paypal (or credit card).
- You warrant that you own all rights in any images you submit to us for public posting and that you release us from any and all liability associated with your use of our services.
- It will take us 3-6 days to produce and post your listing. Email blasts will then be sent in the subsequent 30 days.

If this sounds good, please complete the following short form, make payment, and email your headshots and book covers to us. We'll get back to you shortly with details on your advertisement!

Thanks for your interest in advertising with us.

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"I have had a wonderful, steady flow of requests for interviews!! Being a Featured Guest Expert here has been a great investment. Thanks again." - Rev. Mark Hunnemann

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"I'd like to thank for a great way of introducing me to media. Since the time I became a featured Guest Expert and Sponsor I have got 10 requests for interviews. That feels good. Thank you" - Kamran Akbarzadeh

"Just letting you know, the Featured Guest Expert post was obviously why I got a deluge of requests. Had at least 4 confirm appearances from the one ad in one day and its continuing after 5 bookings last week, have 3 tomorrow, Sunday alone, 2 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday and 1 so far on Wednesday." - Bill Deane



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