About Us: Southeastern MA Food Security Network and Umass Dartmouth Hunger Initiative 

The Southeastern Massachusetts Food Security Network (the Network) is a coalition of food pantries, farms, foundations, and social service agencies working together to promote local food security. The Network was formed in 2011 to address food security issues in our region, including emergency food access and distribution, nutrition education, and local sustainable agriculture. The Network provides a space for participants to collaborate, share, and match goals and expertise. We build on the strengths of each partner to effectively support a diverse and healthy local food system.

The SouthCoast Permaculture Incubator for Food Justice, a project of the Umass Dartmouth Hunger Initiative
, is working to address food insecurity through the development of community permaculture gardens and educational programs in the South Coast. We will work directly with neighborhoods to build new models of community gardens based on permaculture principles with attention to creating educational and social spaces, providing nursery and plant materials and fostering economic arrangements that address food insecurity.

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Together, it is our hope to unite all of the organizations working toward food security in our region. We hope to address your needs and the needs of all participating organizations and find ways to meet those needs through collaborative partnerships. We want to know more about your organizations needs and services so that we can build more resilient communities in our region!