Hello there! Thanks for your interest in our pacing programme. Our pacers are from a range of clubs, crews and backgrounds. Don't think you couldn't be a pacer, because we love all types of runners: Fast. Joggy. Big. Small. Leggy. Rainbow-coloured hair. Beefy. Skinny. Tall. Short.

But they all have one common thread: A love of movement and inspiring others to move together.

We're looking for a variety of pacer times and good people who love good times to join the Virgin Sport Pacer Dream Team. Kindly note that spots are extremely limited. Hackney applications are due by 30th November 2017, and we're accepting applications for other events on a rolling basis.

Get your tickets for Hackney here: virg.in/hackney2018


* 1. Name:

* 2. Email?

* 3. Club/Crew:

If you aren't in one, no biggie—leave this blank. But we highly recommend checking some of these out: https://virg.in/crewlove


* 4. What's your preferred pacing time for a Half marathon?
We have splits every 5mins from 1:30-2:30, as well as official Joggier, Joggy and Walk/Jog paces bringing the party to the back of the pack! (approx. 2:45; 3:00; 3:15)


* 5. I'm also interested in pacing the following event(s):
Virgin Sport Hackney 2018 will be on the 20th May. We're still finalising dates for the British 10k and Oxford Half.

* 6. What pacing experience do you have? 
Tell us where you've paced before. No experience? No worries, on to the next.


* 7. Why do you want to be a pacer for Virgin Sport?
Tell us your hopes, dreams, fears, about yourself, your goals—or anything else that you'd like. For brownie points, share your reason why you want to pace with us on Instagram and tag us @virginsport #virginsport and follow us for a good time. Maybe we'll follow you on a race for a good one too.