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Welcome to the Public Feedback Survey!

Welcome to the Lincoln County Public Feedback Survey for the 2020 Echo Mountain Complex Fire and Straight-Line Wind Event.

Si necesita una copia en español, llame al 541-265-0616 y deje un mensaje con su nombre y información de contacto,
y un intérprete se comunicará con usted.

This survey is for the time period of September 8 - September 21st. Your feedback is important and will assist us to improve our response and evacuation plans for future events. The responses to this survey will be shared with local public safety and government leadership. 

The questions are categorized into 5 groups, are multiple choice, are related to the actual response and considerations for future preparedness outreach events.  On the next page, you'll select the group that best fits you. The survey groups are:
  1. Households/businesses within the fire perimeter
  2. Households/businesses outside of the fire perimeter but received a fire evacuation notice (level 1, 2, 3)
  3. All other community members (this will solicit feedback on interest in wildfire presentations, mitigation efforts, mindsets before and after our 2020 Echo Mountain Complex Fire)
  4. Cooperators (public safety, local government and other partners)
  5. Media Partners 

Your time to complete this survey is very valued and we look forward to hearing from you.


Public Safety Agencies and Local Government of Lincoln County 

Virginia "Jenny" Demaris, Emergency Manager
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
Emergency Management Division
Phone 541-265-4199
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