Diversity, Access and Inclusion Survey

Talk to us about how easy it is to use City of Melville services, facilities and information when life is complicated

Everyone experiences difficulties accessing or taking part in every day activities from time to time. Whilst for some of us, these experiences may be of a temporary or short-term nature, perhaps due to ill-health or as a result of an accident from which we are likely to recover, as a new migrant with language difficulties or simply as a parent of very young children.

For other people, life in today’s society may be more complex because they cannot, and may never, be able to see, hear, move or understand things. The causes may be varied, but a person can find ways of managing or be assisted in some way or another.

City of Melville services, facilities and information must be accessible to everyone in society no matter what their circumstances. Every 4 years we are required to complete a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan by the Western Australian State Government. Whilst we are compliant with this legislative requirement, we think we can go one better, so in addition to the 7 areas we must enquire about, we want to know more and do more too. Please bear with us in completing this online survey if ‘access’ is an issue for you, someone for whom you are a carer or a member of your family. Don’t forget that access can be difficult for families with very young and for the very old.

* 1. This survey may be completed by a person with access issues or a person caring for someone in these circumstances. Please tell us who is completing this survey

* 2. Gender

* 3. Age

* 4. Cultural background

* 5. Home suburb

* 6. Do any of the following circumstances make it difficult to access City of Melville services, facilities and information

* 7. Please tell us about the accessibility of these services?

  Need physical assistance Need social or emotional support Need interpretation service Fully accessible
Borrowing books and other materials from Libraries
Attending community based events e.g., Point Walter, Limestone Theatre, Heathcote
Participating in activities at community centres at Bull Creek, Willagee and Blue Gum/Brentwood
Participating in fitness activities organised by the City
The City of Melville website
New Melville Talks website
Ease of communicating with our Customer Service Staff (AUSLAN/language/relay services)
Written information e.g., signs, leaflets, letters
Use of ActiveLink program (voucher based program)

* 8. Please tell us how accessible you find the following City of Melville facilities?

  Need physical assistance Need social or emotional support Need interpretation service Fully accessible
Recreation (Leisurefit) Centres
Public toilets in the City
Sports Grounds and Changing Rooms
Paved areas in public places
Pathways in parks
Pathways along streets
Parking in ACROD bays
Point Walter
Limestone Theatre
Natural areas e.g., Piney Lakes, Wireless Hill, Foreshore
Civic Centre
Blue Gum Community Centre
Willagee Community Centre
Bull Creek Community Centre

* 9. How has the City of Melville improved access to its services, facilities or information between 2012 and 2017? For example, putting in ramps. use of different formats for communications

* 10. What else could the City of Melville do to improve access to its services, facilities or information from 2017 - 2022?

* 13. How aware and skillful are City of Melville staff regarding your individual circumstances?

  Very aware and skilled Somewhat aware and skilled Not very aware - improvement required
Library staff
Civic Centre staff
Recreation Centre staff
Community Centre staff
Customer Service staff (telephone enquiries)
Parks and gardens staff
Community Safety and Security staff

* 14. Are you satisfied with opportunities to have your say on the City's major strategies, plans and service reviews?