Summer Meals and Celebration Survey

Parents, Williams County District 8 does NOT qualify for the the summer meal program due to our demographics so we are considering our options.  Williston District 1 does qualify and they are required to serve ALL children ages 1-18.  District 8 students CAN eat at District 1 food sites.

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* 1. If Hawk meal delivery stops after May 22, 2020. How will this impact your children?

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* 2. If District 8 stopped meal delivery, but served hot lunch at Missouri Ridge and provided a sack breakfast for the following morning, would your children eat at Missouri Ridge?

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* 3. We are considering a Hawk Celebration the last weekend of June assuming social distancing has relaxed enough. The event would include track and field competitions, music, food and other activities.  Please check which best fits your response to this idea.

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