The Parish Council apologises for not having been able to consult with the public ahead of setting its precept for 2015/2016.

The Parish Council has agreed to set its precept at a level which will increase the parish proportion of your Council Tax by 1.9%

The budget has been set against a background of funding reductions which will impact on the Parish Council for years to come.

The Parish Council is faced with the probability of reduced funding from the Rotherham MBC.
The RMBC is proposing to reduce the Government Support Grant by 33.3% in 2016/2017 and the same amount in the following two years thus reducing the grant to zero.
This equates to a reduction of £10,374 p.a. or £31,122 over the three year period.

As financial pressures increase the Parish Council is forced to consider which services/projects could be removed or scaled down and which services the community considers as most desirable. Below you will find a number of services which could be removed or projects which would not be realised unless sufficient levels of funding can be secured.

Ideally the Parish Council would like to deliver on all services currently enjoyed within the village, however, in order to help councillors with setting priorities please show below which services you would like to save and which you would be prepared to sacrifice in order to balance the budget in future years.