Benchmarking the evolution of the IT function and CIO Role

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the CanadianCIO survey. The information will be used on a confidential basis to produce a snapshot of CIO views addressing industry challenges. All participants will receive a copy of the completed report. Special thanks to CA Technologies for sponsoring this effort and the CIO Association of Canada for their support.

1. How many people are employed in your entire organization or enterprise?

2. In which of the functional areas below do you have primary responsibility?

3. In your role, are you the …

4. Do you have involvement in or influence over technology-related purchase decisions for your business?

5. Which of the job titles below is closest to your own?

6. How many years have you held this role?

7. In which functional areas did you work earlier in your career?
I worked in the following functional areas...

8. How often, if ever, are you involved in executive decision-making meetings?

9. Who do you report into at your organization?

10. What are your biggest challenges to exercising leadership?

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