Good day! This survey is being conducted by the Bermuda Clean Air Coalition (BCAC), a voluntary group representing members of the community, organizations, and local businesses, who share concerns about the impact of BELCO's operations on Bermuda. BELCO burns Heavy Fuel Oil, and the fumes and soot from the plant affect local residents and schools. But so far, we don't have a clear picture on the extent of that impact.

Information that you enter in this form is being collected by the Bermuda Clean Air Coalition to provide the community, government, and BELCO with better insight into the impacts residents are experiencing. Your responses to the questions below will be shared with BELCO unless you specify that you do not want them to be shared. Our goal is to make sure BELCO and the government know about the scale of impacts, their geographical reach, and the types of nuisances Bermudians are experiencing, so that we can get appropriate compensation for local residents and promote action on pollution.

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This is important for us to be able to assess the extent of BELCO's impact zone. For example, "14 Ocean Lane, Pembroke" or "Ocean Lane, Pembroke"

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