To make it faster and easier to get support, answers to questions and request information, we have created a temporary “ARPA STABILIZATION/CRRSA/CCDF DISCRETIONARY QUALITY INCENTIVE/NHEYP GRANT REPORTS HELP DESK” using survey monkey.

Rather than sending emails, please use this request, at any time and as often as you like. Just submit an inquiry and we will do our best to answer by the next business day.

DO NOT SEND EMAIL INQUIRIES PLEASE. This is a faster and easier way for us to respond, get you the support and resources, and track the type and frequency of inquiries to help add to the FAQs or provide changes/clarifications.

Please use this "HELP DESK" for ARPA Stabilization, CRRSA, CCDF Discretionary Quality Incentive Funds and NHEYP only.  Feel free to ask questions about your funding, the reports, documentation, request live help, etc.

This is not for Background Record Checks, NHCIS, Absent Due to COVID, Web-billing, GSQ or the other topics or questions you may have for us. Those should be directed to the various email addresses and resource contacts as listed on the NH Connections website under the "Who Do I Call?" TAB (due to be live by December 22).

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT, please watch helpful webinars, read instructions that came in your template email, look at your financial summary, look at the resources on NH Connections Consumer Education Website (not the NHCIS portal) and read the FAQs - it all might be right there.


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* 1. Indicate which program you are asking about - Check all that apply

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* 3. If you are asking questions that apply to multiple sites, please indicate which sites are included in the question. For example - if it is all of your sites then put "all child care locations" or "all early childhood locations", if you have different types of programs. If it is specific locations, put the program name with the street or site location. Such as  "Best Child Care - Pleasant Street; Best Child Care - Maple Street.

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* 5. Please briefly describe your question, query or need. No need to wordsmith it - just short and sweet.

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* 6. Copies of applications, reports, and surveys - YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR GRANT APPLICATION OR QUARTERLY REPORTS  to complete the final reports, however they may be helpful. Pulling these copies is time consuming so if you do not need them, please do not request them. If you want them for your records those will be distributed later in the winter.  Please indicate the urgency of your request in Question 7.

FYI - The information you provided in the various applications regarding spending categories, budget items and anticipated plans were just estimates  - your final report will reflect how you actually spent the funds and the impact/outcomes.

Please indicate your requests below by checking all that apply.

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