Our short survey (10 questions) opens on Wed 10th Feb & closes on Sun 7th March 2021.

Thank you for participating ; it should only take you 2-5 minutes to complete. 

The purpose of this questionnaire is to canvas Daylesford and Hepburn Springs community opinion on the future use and improvement of the site.
Daylesford Court House Reserve (DCHR) located at:
  • 13 Camp Street, Daylesford
It is a heritage-listed site featuring four buildings and approximately 6,000m2 of open space.

On the Reserve you will find:
  • 1863 Court House
  • 1875 Police Residence and Lock-up
  • contemporary conference/classroom building.
The Court House Reserve is now managed by Working Heritage, a Committee of Management appointed by the Victorian Government under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 to conserve heritage properties located on Crown Land for sustainable and viable commercial or community use. Since its inception in 1998 as The Mint Inc, Working Heritage has taken on the management of 16 heritage sites across Victoria, undertaking significant conservation and building works to give the properties a new lease of life.

The Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre (DNC) has operated out of the court house for over 25 years and has been a wonderful custodian of the reserve and its historic buildings.

Survey data will help Working Heritage prepare a strategic vision for this valued community and heritage site. In seeking community input to inform our Site Management Plan, we envisage that DNC will continue to operate at the site into the foreseeable future.

The former court house (HO678 Group Listing) and the lock-up are both included on the Shire of Hepburn Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay schedule as individual heritage items. The Police Quarters are not included as an individual place, but are included as part of a separate group listing (HO679) along with the court house and the lock-up. The former Court House, Police Quarters and Lock-up are included collectively on the Victorian Heritage Register as H1492.