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If you have experienced an Emergency Custody Order (ECO), Temporary Detention Order (TDO) or court-ordered involuntary admission to a mental health hospital or outpatient treatment, DBHDS asks that you give some of your time, by answering these survey questions. Sharing your experience will contribute to decisions about how mental health and addiction treatment can be improved in Virginia.
The following questions will ask you about your experiences with the civil commitment process. By civil commitment, we mean the judicial process of being ordered involuntarily to mental health treatment. The basic steps in this process include:

1. Being under an Emergency Custody Order (ECO) so that a pre-screening evaluation can be done by a CSB Emergency Services employee to determine what care you may need.

2. Being detained under a Temporary Detention Order (TDO) in a mental health facility for up to three days prior to a court hearing.

3. Appearing before a judge or special justice at a hearing (called a “commitment hearing”) to determine if you should be admitted involuntarily to a mental health hospital or to other mental health treatment.