Hello: Capital Fringe sends Buttons Discounts out the second and/or first Tuesday of each month – depends on when it falls.

We would love to get the word out about your show, happening or unique service, or etc. to our community!

All you need to do is offer a monetary discount and you will be included in the monthly Fringe email - we will send out specific announcements about your production/service/happening on our Twitter and Facebook. Your Button Discount will also live on the Fringe website for however long your discount lasts.

On a monthly basis we reach out to:
+ over 30K+ on our email list serve
+ Facebook and Twitter 9K+

All we need from you is the copy/image for your Button Discount about a week or so prior.

IMAGE: We do ask that your image does not have text in it. The size for the image is 300 X 300 pixels. It can be larger - but not smaller.
SEND IMAGE TO: hello@capitalfringe.org

Question Title

* 1. Your Name or the Name of Your Company

Question Title

* 2. Name of Production/Service/Happening:

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* 3. If your Button Discount is for a production or happening you are producing - please tell us who the Director is, who is Featured and any other individuals who are involved in your production or happening that you think might be of interest.

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* 4. Address of production/service/happening location:

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* 5. Blurb about your production/service/happening 40-50 words max...

ALSO explain your Button Discount: is the discount only valid on certain dates, how does a patron redeem the Button Discount:

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* 6. Button Discount Dates:

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* 7. Website:

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* 8. Twitter Handle:

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* 9. If we have an issue with what you have submitted - please tell us who to contact:

If you have any questions please email: hello@capitalfringe.org.

Please Note: while we are open to it - ALL - super corporate stuff is not really want we have the ability to get the word out about. Thanks for understanding!

We need both the image and copy for your Button Discount to get the word out for you.