Colony Networking

Colony Networking
Thank you for attending a Colony Business event.
Your feedback, continued support and attendance are invaluable to ensure that Colony evolves and events offer maximum benefits to attendees. Your time is also valuable though, so as a thank you for completing this survey, you will receive a free credit towards future attendance at a Colony monthly drop-in event. Thank you in advance for your time; I promise it won't take long to complete.

* 1. How do you rate the Colony events you've attended?

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* 2. Your Colony experience

* 3. Which 3 features are most important to you when booking a networking event?

* 4. What content do you enjoy most at networking events?

* 6. Via which contact methods do you hear about Colony events?

* 7. Are you aware of / interested in hearing about the following?

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Colony Rewards
Colony newsletter feature space
Hosting / facilitating Colony events
Sponsoring Colony events
Speaking opportunities at Colony events
Panellist opportunities at Colony events
Organisation/hosting of your business event/seminar/workshop by Colony

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