Instructions for Survey

The Grand Theatre will again host a Summer Classic Film Series along with Downtown Frankfort, Inc.'s Summer Old Capitol Lawn Concert Series. One of the Grand Theatre's missions is to provide downtown redevelopment through regular arts programming and entertainment such as our Summer Film Series. The 2020 summer films will be shown at 7:30 p.m. on the Friday evenings of June 12 and 26, July 10, 24 and 31, and August 14 and 28. The Grand will showcase 3 film categories during the 2020 Summer Film Series: 2019 Critically Acclaimed Films, Animated/Family Films, and Foreign Films. 

HELP US CHOOSE THESE FILMS! Please select seven (7) films from the three (3) categories in this survey by making up to five (5) selections from the 2019 Critically Acclaimed Film category and one (1) each from the other two categories: Foreign Films and Animated/Family Films. Films receiving the highest vote totals in each category will be shown. There are nineteen (19) films from which you will make your seven selections. Voting deadline is 4pm April 3rd!

ENTER TO WIN TWO FREE PASSES! The Grand Theatre will give away two (2) passes to our 2020 Summer Classic Film Series to the survey participant who correctly chooses all seven of the winning selections (choosing the winning films from each category) OR who correctly chooses the greatest number of films by category for the series. In the case of a tie, the survey participant with the earliest submission time will receive the two free passes. You will need to provide contact information to win, as the survey is otherwise anonymous.

Thank you for participating in this survey and we'll see you at the movies!