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* 1. Date

What is today's date?

* 2. Please provide the following information about you, the nominator.

* 3. What best describes your role at MIIS?

* 4. Please describe your affiliation with the nominee in one or two sentences.

* 5. Please provide the following information about the person you are nominating for the sustainability awards program.

* 6. Which of the following best describes the nominee's role at MIIS?

* 7. Please describe in detail how the nominee has contributed to sustainability on the MIIS campus. Contributions may be something the person undertakes on an individual level, or they may affect the broader MIIS community. Give specific examples when possible, but please be concise.

Thank you for participating in the Environmental Task Force's Sustainability Awards Program at MIIS! Winners will be announced monthly beginning in February, 2009 and will be profiled in the Foghorn newspaper online.