* 1. Your name and where you came from (state or country):

* 2. How did you hear about Best of the Best 2014 - did the studio you attend encourage you to come to Best of the Best - if so please advise the studio you attend!

* 3. Did you find the Best of the Best workshops met your expectations? Please feel free to comment here on any workshops you did attend! If you remember, please let us know which was your favourite workshop!

* 4. Did you find the event staff helpful and friendly? Comments welcome!

* 5. Did you enjoy the Performance Show Night and did you think it was too many performances or not enough performances or just the right amount?

* 6. Did you attend the Aussie Teachers Workshops and if so please advise who you'd like to see back teaching at Best of the Best 2015 from our Aussie Teachers Workshop!

* 7. Did you like the venue where the event was held? Please add any comments about the venue! Would you like to see the event held at the same venue for 2015?

* 8. What do you think we can do better in 2015 to further improve Best of the Best? Please provide any feedback you would like to give us!

* 9. Did you like the social dance music & competition music played by the DJ's during the weekend? Comments welcome here about any of the music!

* 10. Would you be likely to come back for our 10th Year Celebration of Best of the Best in 2015 and would you encourage your friends to attend? Comments welcome!

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