Lwood Feedback 2016

Thank you for dropping by the survey/questionnaire.

I've been writing Last Week on OpenStack Dev (aka Lwood) weekly for a little over a year now and have quite enjoyed doing so.

While it's not super time consuming, I'd still like to get a bit of a sense of it's reach within the OpenStack and broader Tech Community and see if there are any refinements that can be made.  Hence the survey.

All questions are optional, but the more info you can provide the merrier! :)

* 1. Roughly how often do you read Lwood ?

* 2. When you read Lwood you usually...

* 3. You see/read things in Lwood that you would have otherwise have missed on openstack-dev and/or elsewhere

* 4. Please rate the various sections of Lwood on a scale of one to five. Note some sections only appear when there is content

  Waste of bytes Meh Neither LIke/Dislike Good Great N/A
Message/Thread Count Statistics
Notable Discussions from OpenStack Dev (reviews about threads and other discussions)
Notification of official OpenStack Security Notices (when they occur)
Summary of links to Summaries from each Summit (twice a year)
Notable Discussions from other OpenStack lists (reviews about threads and other discussions)
New OpenStack Project Notifications
People and Projects - Core Nominations and changes
People and Projects - PTL Nominations and changes
People and Projects - TC Nominations and changes
Miscellanea - Further reading (links to other news sources)
Miscellanea - Credits - what music Hugh listened to while doing Lwood this week :)

* 5. Any general comments on the content (more of this, less of that, have you thought of including xyz)

* 6. You read Lwood...

* 7. Optional: You live in City/Country

* 8. Optional: Please tick all that apply - You are

* 9. Any final comments ?  Thank you again for taking the time to give your feedback.