Thank you for your willingness to assist us in our engineering senior design project at the University of Michigan. This survey should not take more than five minutes to complete.

This summer, our project team traveled to Ghana to investigate maternal healthcare in resource limited settings. Based on our observations and close interactions with a range of health care providers, we are focusing on the following need statement:

“There is a need for a method for midwives and physicians in resource-limited settings to assist the mother in delivery when labor is failing to progress, when maternal effort is lacking, or in the event of a symphysiotomy, so that complications to the mother and the infant due to prolonged second stage labor are avoided.”

Based on this need statement, developed in a co-creative process with Ghanaian and US health care specialists, we will be spending the upcoming year designing, building, and testing a device to address this challenge. We would like you to help inform our design process by filling out following survey.