Access to Occupational Therapy in Saskatchewan: Feedback Forum

The following is a list of questions that will increase our organization’s awareness of levels of access to Occupational Therapy services in Saskatchewan. We appreciate your input, and your responses are valuable for our advocacy efforts to ensure Saskatchewan Residents have appropriate levels of access to Occupational Therapy services.

We may utilize the data collected for advocacy purposes in the future. Responses are collected anonymously.

If you are a family member, case manager, or health care provider, the information can be filled out "on behalf of" or as an advocate of the client.

* 1. I am a (check one)

* 2. How long have you or the individual been waiting or unable to access OT services?

* 3. If you're unable to access the service publicly, is the service available privately?

* 4. If the service is available privately, are finances a barrier to accessing services?

* 5. Do you have other funding available to access private occupational therapy services (e.g., Veteran Affairs Canada, Blue Cross, Great West Life, GMS, SGI, WCB)?

* 6. Describe any barriers to accessing services (e.g., financial, travel, location, availability).

* 7. How important is access to OT assessment and/or treatment to you?

* 8. If you have been able to access it, how has occupational therapy impacted you and/or the client?

* 9. If you have not been able to access it, how has this lack of access to occupational therapy impacted you?

* 10. What city/town are you located in/near?

* 11. What type of occupational therapy service are you looking for?

* 12. What is the age range of the person who needs service?

* 13. What is your reason/the individual's reason for seeking occupational therapy services?

* 14. Please use the section below for any other comments that you wish to share.