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* 2. By what year did the collection more than triple to include over 30,000 titles and was on pace to add 10,000 more each year?

* 3. When the Library first opened its doors it wasn’t on Harper’s campus. Instead, it was housed in one room at which high school campus (which held fifty students)?

* 4. All of the Library’s resources were originally listed in a card catalog. How did we make each record?

* 5. In 1989 the Library, along with the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), converted the catalog into what?

* 6. On August 29, 2001, Harper College purchased a new building for the Technical Education and Consulting at Harper (TECH) program which is now called the Harper Professional Center (HPC) in what town?

* 7. Since what year have the Library faculty been teaching Bibliographic Instruction courses?

* 8. In 1967, patrons had access to over 7,250 books, 160 periodicals, and how many films?

* 9. In 2012, the Library purchased a system called One Search, which gave Harper students access to over 11,400 journals and allowed them to search for what?

* 10. By what year did the Library acquire over 635,000 electronic resources, including 10,000 electronic periodicals (and weeded out nearly 30% of its paper subscriptions)?

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