Your initial transformation, and following events.

You live in a new world, a different universe where people, or an organization, or whatever imaginable power has the ability to change a person's size. You are at your normal size, but find yourself suddenly changing, and it's not by your design. You're growing to a giant size, or shrinking down to mere inches (or smaller). I know this has never happened to you before, but close your eyes and imagine it's happening to you, and somehow answer these questions with your eyes still closed...

* 1. Can you handle your change with equanimity straight away?

* 2. Or do you find yourself extremely upset that this is happening without your permission?

* 3. To those that happen to grow to colossal sizes, do you then seek out revenge for what's been done to you, or follow a path of self-indulgence? What happens to you then?

* 4. You are now tiny. You are at the mercy of your surroundings, and your change feels like the worst attack; a betrayal. But are you still a human being, with all the basic rights a human being has?

* 5. A human being or not, you get on with your life. At present, it consists of facing a would-be captor who looms above you, having spotted you. They are now reaching for you. Should they ask your permission before establishing any sort of physical contact?

* 6. After physical contact has taken place, must the giant person (or robot, alien, etc.) obtain your consent in order to engage in sexual activities with you?