Modeling in High School Physics Instruction: Application for Review

The Mathematics Science Centers in partnership with Eastern Michigan University, Detroit Metropolitan Area Physics Teachers (DMAPT) and the American Modeling Teachers Association  present Modeling in High School Physics Instruction

Registration Process:

1. Complete an Application for Review. Take care to enter the correct contact information, using the best email for long term communication.

2. Initial screening and acceptance of applicants will start on Monday, March 14, 2016. Notification of acceptance will begin Wednesday April 6, 2016.

3. Selected participants will receive a link to register online. Registration deadline is Sunday May 15, 2016 (exception granted to those accepted after this date).

* 1. Name:

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* 8. Best Email (for long term use):

* 9. Principal Name:

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* 12. What is your current teaching assignment?

* 13. How many years do you have in your current teaching assignment?

* 14. How many years in the teaching profession?

* 15. What do you expect your teaching assignment to be in the coming years?

* 16. What are your college degrees?

* 17. Will you be able to attend the 15-day workshop in full?

* 18. What do you hope to get out of this program?

* 19. What are the main goals of the science courses you teach?

* 20. What are the main challenges you face as a science teacher?

* 21. Please describe the kind of instructional approach you believe is most effective in physics.