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This form is NOT for enrolling your student in to the Digital Learning Academy.
Gibson County Special School District will be using a variety of digital resources to enhance their learning experience. Although these applications are widely used by the education community and support their use in K-12 institutions, their Terms of Service state that due to the Federal Law COPPA, any users under the age of 13 and some under the age of 18 must obtain explicit parental permission to use them. 

GCSSD utilizes tools for enhancing instruction that may include video as a component of the tool. If used within your students' classroom, he or she may be visible to other students in the group through participating in discussions, recordings, and/or live teaching environments. 

All digital tools and resources used at GCSSD have been and will continue to be thoroughly examined by experienced educators. As these sites are instrumental in the development of the curriculum, we are asking that you and your student please review the permission form below and complete it. Should your expectations change, you must provide notification in writing to the school office your student attends. If you do not give your student permission to use these web tool applications, an alternative assignment will be provided.

All of these tools must be used in accordance to the GCSSD Computer Use Agreement and Responsible Use Policy, even if the student uses the tools outside of school on their own device. 

I have read the permission slip and the Gibson County Special School District Responsible Use Policy and Computer Use Agreement. 

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* 1. Please indicate below if you give permission for your child to use these web resources and tools to enhance their learning experience.

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