Ohl Street Bridge Survey

The results of this survey will be provided to the Federal Highway Commission so they can continue to conduct their needs and purpose study. Your participation in this very important survey is essential for the future of the bridge.  

* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. What modes of transportation do you typically use on at least a weekly basis?

* 3. What is your primary mode of transportation?

* 4. With the closure of the Ohl Street bridge, have many of your local trips been lengthened?

* 5. If the Ohl Street bridge has negatively affected your mobility in Greenville, what are your most common destinations or reasons for travel? (e.g. post office, restaurants, recreational walks)

* 6. Are there particular aspects of the bridge being out that concern you? If yes, choose your top 3 concerns.

* 7. How would you feel if the bridge were to be preserved as a pedestrian/bicycle-only bridge (i.e. not open to vehicular traffic)?

* 8. Are there any other specific comments you’d like to share?

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