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Australian Music Industry Survey 2022

Over the past few months representatives from across the music industry have been working to develop policy recommendations to put to the political parties ahead of the federal election. Whether you are an artist, sole trader or music business, we need your views on these policy ideas as we work to get government to partner with industry on a long-term vision for the sector. Your responses will be critical to help shape the final version of the document which will be released publicly in time for the election.

We are hoping that we can get responses and ideas from a broad cross-section of people from the industry. To help us understand the background of the people who are responding, we would like to know a little bit about you. 

The following questions are optional. We will only use this information to help us ensure the policy priorities for the industry support the entire industry ecosystem. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside of APRA AMCOS who are running this survey on behalf of the OpenMIC industry group.

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* 1. I am a (tick all that apply)

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* 2. How long have you been involved in the music industry?

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* 3. How do you describe your gender?

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* 4. Are you Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander? (optional)

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* 5. Are you a person with disability? (optional)

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