Faith Forward Dallas City Council Districts Survey

Dear FFD Members:
We are creating a database of councilmember districts from our Faith Forward Dallas membership. The goal of gathering this information is to assist FFD in effectively advocating to the Dallas City Council on issues important to Faith Forward Dallas.

We are asking you to fill out this brief survey and list your primary connections:
1) The Council District where you congregation is located.
2) Your *home* Council District (in some cases, this would be the same...)
3. We're also inviting you to indicate any current members of city council with whom you have a personal connection or relatship with that might make you an effective advocate on issues of faith and the city.

If you do not know your council district, for home or congregation, you may look it up on this handy map. Click HERE and enter your address, and it will return the district number to you.

Finally, we have an immediate need to have FFD membership present during a set of upcoming virtual "town hall" meetings regarding the city budget during the next two weeks. Please find the list of those virtual townhalls HERE.

This will a first-test of our ability to match our membership with specific council districts. Given the time crunch, we will likely call some of our members to cover the first of these meetings, and we will have suggested talking points to share with you asap. (We should have more information Wednesday on the specific issue of policing....)

So, there are several questions at the end of this survey about that process:
1) Pending your availability, would you attend one of the upcoming virtual townhalls?
2) Is there a budgetary issue that you wish to specifically address?
3) If so, will you also commit to encouraging some of your congregation's members to attend the viritual meeting as well?

Obviously, then, this survey has a short and longterm goal. The information about your council district will be extremely valuable to Faith Forward Dallas both now and in the future. The ability or willigness to participate in the virual townhalls will simply be a first test of this.

Thank you in advance for your responses, and may God bless us all in this challenging time.

Rev. Eric Folkerth
Equal Justice Working Group, Faith Forward Dallas

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* 1. My Name

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* 2. My Congregation

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* 3. My Congregation Zip Code

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* 6. I have a prior relationship with the following councilmembers outside of my home and congregational area, and I would consider speaking with them about issues important to Faith Forward Dallas.

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* 7. Pending availability, I would be willing to attend and speak on budget issues during one of the upcoming City Council viritual townhalls. (The schedule is HERE)

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* 8. I will commit to having members of our congregation present as well.

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* 9. The City Budget issue of greatest concern to me, that I would speak to, is....