* 1. Have you contacted Student Transportation Services in the past 6 months?

* 2. How long did you wait for a response to your inquiry?

* 3. How often do you visit the schoolbusinfo website?

* 4. What is the main reason you would visit schoolbusinfo.com? Choose all that apply.

* 5. How do you normally hear about school bus cancellations and/or delays? Choose all that apply.

* 6. Have you heard about the new MySBI mobile app for school bus cancellations and delays?

* 7. What company is your school bus operator? If more than one, please select both. 

* 8. Is your school bus driver always the same person?

* 9. Is your school bus driver(s) courteous?

* 10. Is your school bus driver(s) knowledgeable?

* 11. Do you have any additional comments/suggestions/feedback? Please provide it here.

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