1. Employer Questions

The Tri-County Business - Education Partnership in conjunction with the Tri-County Workforce Development Board is building a long-term plan to better link employers with the educational community.  Therefore, we need your input into what skill and job needs that you have now and into the future so that we can design appropriate programs. 
The Tri-County Business - Education Partnership is comprised of representatives from local businesses, education, labor unions, higher education, economic development, workforce development, and community-based organizations with the focus of building a business-education partnership program in the tri-county region. Through resource mapping, needs assessment, and strategic planning, partners in the local area will work to build a network to develop, implement, and continuously improve school-based, work-based and connecting activities driven by local partnership teams.
Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.

* 1. How many employees does your company have?

* 2. What county are you located in?

* 3. What Industry Sector is your company part of?

* 4. Which skills are most important to your company in hiring new employees? (Choose 3)

* 5. What positions are you currently hiring?

* 6. What positions are most challenging for you to fill?

* 7. What positions do you anticipating hiring in 5 years?

* 8. What skills do you project you will need in 5 years?

* 9. What specific training, certifications, degrees, etc. do you need for positions that you are planning to hire within the next 12 months? Examples include: LPNs, nursing assistants, drivers, mechanics, welding, CNC, robotics, etc.

* 10. Does your company promote and hire from within which creates career pathways within your organization?

* 11. Besides wages, what benefits does your company offer?

* 12. Do you work with K-12 and/or higher education in any of the following capacities?  Check all that apply.