1. Survey Participant Information

The Janie Appleseed Survey provides an independent assessment of the adoption and use of personal health records in the State of Rhode Island. Personal Health Records are Electronic Health Records that are used and controlled by the Consumer.

You don't need to have a Personal Health Record to take this survey. It is just as important to know if people ARE NOT using Electronic Health Records as it is to know if they ARE.

Our Survey asks you about your background and use of computers in your daily life. If asks if you are currently using any type of electronic health record. You will not be asked about any health conditions or about any specific medical care you have received.

You can complete the Janie Appleseed Survey in less than 10 minutes. Your participation is appreciated.


This part of the survey collects basic demographic information which is used when analyzing the data. Only the questions marked with an asterisk are required, but responses to all demographic questions are appreciated.

Question Title

* 1. Please enter the ZIP Code of your primary residence.

To respect your privacy, data is being gathered by ZIP Code only. No personal health information will be requested and the survey **will not** require you to enter your name or address.

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* 2. When were you born?

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* 3. What is your gender?

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* 4. What language do you prefer to use when learning new things?