This survey will help you to describe a surface water concern in the Finn Hill neighborhood - for example, an overflowing storm water pond, a clogged storm drain, a mud slide, or a suggestion to improve surface water management.

Your survery will be sent to the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance so we can:

1) Follow up with you to discuss additional details.
2) Communicate the concern to Kirkland City resources.
3) Ensure that this issue gets addressed.

Thank you for helping to manage surface water in your neighborhood!

* 1. Tell us how to contact you.

* 2. Address of surface water concern.

* 3. How long has the concern been a problem?

* 4. Please describe the surface water concern:

* 5. Is there anything else we should know about the issue?

* 6. Submit comments about this survey.

Thank you. We will follow up with you in a day or two.