2015 Brewsquitos Apparel Order

***Order form is on the next page, please read this entire page for information first***
Please send me an email at pfunk_ross@yahoo.com or message me on FB if you have any questions.

Recommended items:

1. Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt, light weight
2. Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt, regular weight
3. Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt, regular weight
4. Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt
5. Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt
6. Hooded Pull-over Sweatshirt
7. Zip-up Hooded Sweatshirt
8. Work Shirt

Note, if you need a Tall size, it is generally $2-3 more. Also, I noticed that the base price of the work shirt leads to a higher price than originally quoted with the screenprinting. The printer agreed to honor the previous price of $26.00 for that item.

From the screenprinter:

"Our website has lots of items and colors on it. To ease the pricing I can give you the following price add ons for printing:

24-47 items + $13 to piece price listed on our website (click here to see where to find the base item price)

48-71 items + $10 to piece price listed on our website

That said, there are many challenging printing items to avoid. Things like double layered jackets, blankets, bags would not be included with the pricing above and would need to be quoted separately if desired. The art placements have to be the same on all items (Left Chest, Full Back). Nylon or dry wicking materials or 100% polyester items would not be an option either as they require stretch additives or additional adhesives. Be careful on some smaller fitted ladies styles as the design is big on the back and may not fit. Also, low cut scoop necks can cause a problem for left chests. V necks are typically ok. Tank tops, depending on the style, will work. Some tanks have athletic/mesh backs that limit printing. There are a few other less common exceptions, so start shopping and we'll discuss any issues if they come up."

From Phil:

In the past we have ordered all of our apparel in either Navy or Sport Grey colors. It's totally up to you if you want to stick with those or pick something else. There is no impact on pricing for choosing different items or colors, as long as they aren't restricted per the note from the printer above. If we can get to 48 items total, we'll save $3.00 per item for the screenprinting cost.