Survey Introduction

The San Diego Law Library is proposing to raise its book borrowing charges for the first time since 1995. Our Borrower's program is a special benefit we offer to the community.

We currently charge $45.00 per year for attorneys and $10 per year for non-attorneys. Legal books are expensive to purchase and keep up to date. Since 2008, the average costs for purchasing legal material has risen by 60%. Since we are not tax dollar supported, we need to be fiscally responsible and increase book borrowing charges to help cover the cost of maintaining the borrowing program. 

Please take this survey and help us determine a fair price for this special borrowing privilege. We feel that moderately raising our charges is preferable to the potential alternative of cutting back our services and possibly eliminating the borrowing program.

While taking this survey, please keep in mind that we provide a multitude of free services for all county residents and plan to continue to offer these services. This survey only discusses the privilege of borrowing books to use at your leisure in your home or office.

Please take three minutes to give us feedback on borrowing books and fair pricing.

* 1. Are you a current law library member?

* 2. Rate the value to you of our borrowing program.

  No value to you / no need for it Valuable / would use it Extremely valuable to you / need access to it
Ability to check out print materials such as practice guides and form books

* 3. Are you an attorney?

* 4. On average, how many books do you normally check out at one time?

* 5. How often do you renew books so you can keep them longer?

  Never Sometimes Always
I renew books...
50% of survey complete.