Client Satisfaction Survey

1.My therapist demonstrates to me that they understand things from my own point of view & offers clinical support.(Required.)
2.My therapist consistently listens to what I am saying without judging me(Required.)
3.My therapist consistently shows warmth towards me(Required.)
4.My therapist fosters a safe and trusting environment(Required.)
5.My therapist begins and finishes all of our session on time, I get a full 50 minute session.(Required.)
6.Based on my experience, I would recommend others to work with my therapist.(Required.)
7.There are minimal technological glitches during our sessions(Required.)
8.If you have not returned to therapy or terminated therapy, please let us know why. (You can choose more than one)(Required.)
9.Would you like for someone to contact you to follow up on any concerns you have expressed on this form?(Required.)
10.If you would like to be contacted about your results, please enter your name and contact information below, to remain anonymous type NA:(Required.)