2019 STWEN Mentorship Sign Up

WEN Member,

Happy 2019! The South Texas Chapter of the Women’s Energy Network is excited to kick start a refreshed mentorship program this year. We hope you will choose to be a part of it as we have new ideas, new faces, and additional resources dedicated to our mentorship program. Please continue reading to learn more about the mentorship program and follow the survey link if you wish to join. Please respond to the survey by February 1.

This year we will kick off the mentoring program with an exclusive event featuring Barbara Greene, Founder and CEO of Greene and Associates, Inc. Barbara is an executive coach and leadership developer and has a lot to share with us. This event will only be open to those who sign up for a mentoring team. Save the date for February 19 - more information to follow.

Thank you and here’s to a great new year!


To build meaningful relationships among STWEN members and to provide an avenue for networking and career development of women in energy.


To be placed on a mentoring team, please complete the survey by following the link in this email. Teams are typically around 10-15 members ranging in career experience, both in tenure and in discipline. This allows the opportunity for broader networking within the mentor program and the unique chance to learn, exchange insights, and support your team. Each team will have a leader or leaders that will coordinate meetings of the group at least once a quarter or as otherwise desired by the group.


We know everyone struggles with all of life’s expectations – when you sign up, you’ll get to select a geographic area of our community that will be convenient for you.  Once the groups are organized, each will determine what works best for the members - lunches during the work day, less formal gatherings during the cocktail hour or grab coffee on the way in to work...  Everyone is juggling the same challenges you are so don’t be dissuaded by the idea of fitting another thing in – our goal is to make this like those get-togethers with friends that you enjoy, not another “to do”!


All members agree to maintain strict confidentiality of personal comments, concerns and feelings shared comprehensively during mentoring activities.  This is the only way to reinforce and maintain a trusting environment.


Groups meet Downtown/Pearl Area, La Cantera Area, and Stone Oak Area. When you sign up you'll be able to indicate preferred locations.


Please note that EVERYONE must sign up this year in order to join for the first time or continue your current participation in the program. If you are currently in the program you may indicate as such on the survey.

We want to ensure the best experience for everyone by renewing everyone's commitment to the program.


The mentoring program is available to active members only.  If you would like to join WEN South Texas, please Click Here. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the mentorship program, please email our Membership Coordinator, Kelsey Cihota at Kelsey.Cihota@Williams.com.

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